Match and Magic


Fight against dangerous creatures in puzzle battles


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Match Magic is a role-playing and puzzle game similar to Puzzle Quest. It does a good job combining elements from both genres to create an enjoyable experience: role-play development through puzzle-based combat.

Basically, you have to combine three or more game pieces of the same type to create an effect. So, if you combine three swords you can deal direct damage, or join others together to gain mana that you can use with cards.

Mana is related to the second most important element of gameplay in Match and Magic: the cards. These cards with spells allow you to cast magic during your battles, in addition to four other types of actions that are fundamental if you want to win the game's most important battles.

In addition to traditional combat and the use of card-based magic, you can use all kinds of other objects during the story and the combats themselves.

Match and Magic is a fun puzzle and role-playing game with in-depth gameplay, an entertaining storyline, and well-done graphics.
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